Science and Technology Centre

The Campaign for Sevenoaks School raised over £11m for the Science and Technology Centre and Sixth Form Global Study Centre, opened in 2018. 

Science is a way of thinking which requires courage to question the conventional wisdom and an openness to see the world and universe from a new perspective. To equip our students with the skills they need to become world leaders and innovators in the STEM disciplines, the state-of-the-art Science and Technology Centre unites the four core fields of science and offers the latest innovative digital technology for collaborative and interdiscliplinary working.

The spaces are designed to encourage the next generation of students to be intellectually curious, scientifically skilled and technologically adept. They will be highly qualified and ready to take on university courses in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, and careers in interdisciplinary scientific advance. The space also has a wider public benefit in enhancing our partnership programme with local primary and secondary school students. 

Global Study Centre

Built for a thriving, international and diverse Sixth Form, this world-class facility implements the IB vision. In this innovative space, students can cultivate excellent study and research habits and a clear understanding of the 21st century workplace, thereby easing the transition to universities and careers. Social and recreational spaces enable staff and students to embrace new approaches to study. 

The Insitute of Higher Education and Professional Insight is housed in the Global Study Centre and offers students easy access to specialist advisors to consolidate, develop and promote successful transition from school to university.