Access to Education

William Sevenoke founded Sevenoaks School in 1432 with the charitable intention of providing access to education. We remain committed to his legacy through increased free and assisted places, Partnerships and the Kent Academies Network.

‘Social mobility is about ensuring the opportunities open to a young person are not dependent on the economic and social position they were born into. High levels of social mobility mean that people from all backgrounds are able to access the opportunities suited to their talents and aspirations. It’s crucial for creating a fairer society, fostering social cohesion and boosting economic growth.’ The Sutton Trust

Inequality and social mobility continue to be major challenges. Studies into equality of educational opportunity have shown that the school environment, in particular the social backgrounds of a student’s peers, has been found to be positively related to student achievement. Schools, therefore, have been considered the key to achieving equality of opportunity and promoting better outcomes for young people.

The School Governors and Foundation Trustees remain firmly committed to providing academically talented children from low socioeconomic backgrounds the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive through access to a Sevenoaks education. Currently 60 students are fully or partially funded.

In addition, we partnered with the Royal National Children’s SpringBoard Foundation, the UK’s largest boarding school bursary charity, in 2016. Their aim is to match children to the right boarding schools to achieve life-transforming outcomes for individuals, and to promote a ‘ripple effect’ whereby those students raise aspirations within their home communities. This education can provide young people with the opportunity to access a future not tied to where they started in life.

You can continue the school's long history and give an opportunity to a student who would thrive at Sevenoaks by making a donation here.

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